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Bin Safe System
“Safety is your lifeline”

Protect your family and employees from one of the most common accident locations on a farm. Our patent pending fall protection system is a cutting edge product designed to protect farm workers from a fall while climbing or accessing a bin for repairs or inspections.

Top 5 reasons to put a Northern Strands Bin Safe system on your Foremost Grain Bin:

  1. Allows for safe bin climbing.
  2. OH&S, CSA , OSHA & ANSI compliant.
  3. OH&S regulations state that a fall protection system must be in place when working at heights above 10 feet.
  4. An injury or death due to lack of required fall protection can bring financial ruin to a farm.
  5. The NUMBER ONE reason… to protect your family and employees.  Be safe, not sorry!

With Bin Safe

Without Bin Safe

Smooth & Galvanized Wall Bin Kits
Includes all Grain Bin Fall Protection System hardware for a single bin.

Kits available with:

  • 40’ Wire Rope
  • 60’ Wire Rope
  • 80’ Wire Rope

User Kit

Compatible with both smooth wall and galvanized bin kits. Includes 4’ lanyard, fall protection harness and rope grab. One User Kit will service all bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need fall protection on my bin by law?
Yes, in most Canadian provinces and all of the U.S. it’s the law! As of November 2018, grain bin cages will no longer count as fall protection in the United States with the rest of the world to soon follow suit. Bin Safe is a fraction of the cost of ladder cages, staircases and all other grain bin fall protection. Rather than a cage on your next bin, request Bin Safe be installed. Save yourself money and have proper fall protection!

Does the system work for any grain bin?
Our system is compatible with most grain bins! Please contact us to discuss which systems you need for your particular grain bins.

What if I don’t want to install the system myself?
Please contact Ken Warkentin at 780.608.4456 and he’ll work with you to find a solution.



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