Terra Bus

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Equipped with all-wheel drive and articulated steering, Foremost’s terra-tired, low ground pressure vehicles are designed for maximum mobility in marginal terrain conditions. These low-pressure tires evenly distribute the load over a greater area thus improving vehicle traction, effectively increasing vehicle mobility and gradeability. Foremost wheeled vehicles can be equipped with a wide variety of auxiliary equipment to meet specific job requirements. Supplied with deck, Foremost wheeled vehicles are versatile logistical support units, able to transport loads weighing up to 30 tons (27.2 tonnes) across rough terrain. Whenever distance and ground conditions hinder the logistics of an operation, Foremost wheeled vehicles offer a dependable and economical off-road transportation solutions.


Terra Bus

The Terra Bus provides all-terrain mobility to transport up to 56 passengers. Equipped with all-wheel drive and large, low-pressure terra tires, the Terra Bus is ideal for transport in both on-road or off-road applications. The Terra Bus can also be equipped with a wheelchair lift. Examples of the Terra Bus can be found shuttling tourists on the Columbia Ice Field in Canada's Jasper National Park and transporting scientific personnel in the Antarctic.


Payload 56 passenger  
Ground Pressure @ GVW 15.0 psi 103.4 kPa
Maximum Speed 26.0 mph 41.8km/h
Power 250 hp 186 kW @ 2100 RPM
Suspension Front, Multi-Leaf / Rear, Walking Beam
Length 42’ 8” 13.00 m
Width 11’ 10” 3.61 m
Height 13’ 1” 3.99 m


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