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Foremost 2900 Heavy Duty Excavator Mulching Head Heavy Duty Front Mounted Mulching Head Heavy Duty Front Mounted Mulching Head 2900 Mulching Head Foremost Russia FULL

Demo Unit For Sale

NKX 2600V                        

Front end Mulching Head Pictured above installed on a Rayco C260 Two Track Mulcher


Heavy Duty NKX-2600V designed with

  • Two variable displacement hydraulic motors,
  • Closed loop hydraulic system.
  • Internal hydraulic plumbing
  • Unique exclusive, anti stall/anti pressure peak device
  • Pin connection
  • Rotor and mulching head capacity 350 Hp

The Mulching Head can be installed on any prime mover, whether a tracked or wheeled.


Rotor North American Imperial thread design
Double Carbide hammers teeth, 51/rotor
Designed with bite controller

  • Bite controller has 2 purposes
    • protective mean for the cutting tool and tool holder
    • Controls the size of bite the tool is allowed to take when striking a log, a stump, tree, etc…

Optional Teeth Available

  • Chipper knife tool
  • Single or double carbide hammer teeth

Performance Information:                         

Rotor RPM: 2,000 rpm

Head Weight: 2,076 kgs


Mulching head overall width: 2,660 mm

Hybrid rotor type, rotor cutting width: 2,260 mm


Depth of stump mulching, from ground level         100 mm

Push Bar Options

  • Rugged Fixed Position

Body Construction

  • Severe Duty
  • Durable, Long-lasting Performance


For more information, please direct your inquires to:

Jim Fulton
E-mail: jim.fulton@foremost.ca
Phone (Toll Free Canada/USA): 1-800-661-9190 ext: 805
Phone (worldwide): 1-403-295-5800